Coffman Capital provides business acquisition loans, working capital loans, and commercial real estate loans to businesses at great rates and terms nationally. Business Acquisition Loan. At Coffman Capital, we understand that to start a business or if buying a business and getting the financing you need is a life changing event. To us, you are not just another loan application. We will provide you with a business acquisition loan so you can buy that business for sale. Working Capital Loan. When you need the cash to start a business or grow your business, Coffman Capital is there to say YES! We provide a working capital loan up to $150,000, unsecured, at around 8.5% interest for a term of 7 years with no prepayment penalty. Real Estate Loan. Coffman Capital can help you get the most favorable terms on business commercial real estate financing for purchase, refinance and construction. Lowest rates, longest terms and lowest down payments. Debt Refinance Loan. When it is time to restructure your company's debt or convert personal debt to business debt, Coffman Capital can offer unsecured financing in many cases, including revolving credit lines and term loans.
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